Cost efficient, effective and safe exploration

At Rockseis we are developing a new generation of monitoring tools for drilling and well operations through surface seismic while drilling technology, and we offer the latest cutting-edge geoscience solutions to the oil and gas industry.

Hydrocarbon exploration is moving farther north, into more remote and harsh areas with higher complexity and environmental challenges.

We offer solutions with high accuracy and level of detail that enables value increasing business decisions, and cost efficient, effective and safe exploration and operation.

Relief well positioning
and Top-hole extension

Reduced drilling time and better monitoring

To monitor the position of the borehole and drill-bit surface seismic while drilling (SSWD) is a ground breaking technology being developed by Rockseis. SSWD can be used when conventional magnetic ranging and gyro-based methods fail or in situations where no casing is installed in the well. SSWD can also be used in addition to conventional solutions to increase accuracy and success rate of drilling and well operations. Our solutions enable reduced drilling time and better monitoring of the drilling and well operations with higher accuracy, leading to reduced cost and safer operations.

Seismic modeling and inversion

High resolution images and accurate elastic subsurface models

Rockseis combines the best from conventional methods and the latest and cutting-edge methods from academic research to offer the oil and gas industry the highest quality solutions within seismic modelling and inversion. We provide a range of high-quality solutions to process, model and invert seismic data into elastic velocity models and high resolution 2D and 3D images. By using full three-dimensional elastic wave propagation in our methods Rockseis is able to deliver high-resolution images and accurate elastic subsurface models.

We offer:

  • Seismic data processing
  • Forward seismic modeling
  • Full waveform inversion
  • Wave equation migration velocity analysis
  • Seismic imaging
  • Diffraction imaging

Geophysical interpretation and geological modeling

Make better decisions based on more reliable models and data

Rockseis integrates several kinds of subsurface data ranging from geology, petrophysics, reservoir and geophysics and offer solutions within geophysical interpretation, geological modeling and reservoir characterization. These solutions will improve the understanding of the subsurface geology, give reliable definitions of hydrocarbon plays, reliable input for field development plans, and ready-made and comprehensive input for business decisions.


Rockseis team presenting at SEG Annual Meeting in Dallas

September 30th, 2016|

The Rockseis team is authering three papers that will be presented at the SEG Annual Meeting taking place in Dallas, USA, October 16-21.

Rockseis appoints Salcon Petroleum Services as their agent in Asia Pacific

May 16th, 2016|

Rockseis AS is pleased to announce the appointment of Salcon Petroleum Services (SPS) as their agent in Asia Pacific. SPS with their extensive technical and sales experience in the Oil & Gas industry, will provide sales and marketing support for all Rockseis services and products.

Rockseis team presenting at EAGE in Vienna

April 27th, 2016|

The Rockseis team are presenting two papers at the 78th EAGE Conference & Exhibition in Vienna, Austria in the start of June.

Barents Sea seismic interpretation collaboration between Rockseis AS and MultiClient Geophysical ASA

April 4th, 2016|

Rockseis and MultiClient Geophysical ASA (MCG) have signed a contract for a seismic interpretation report covering the extended Award in Predefined Areas (APA) 2016 in the Barents Sea. This report, produced by Rockseis, will include [...]


Overview of selected publications by our scientists

Who we are

Rockseis is a NTNU spin-off company owned by the inventors Ståle Emil Johansen, Børge Arntsen and Sigbjørn Sangesland in addition to NTNU Technology Transfer.

Erik Wold

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Wiktor W. Weibull

Senior Geophysicist

M.Sc. Geology and Geophysics
Ph.D. Applied Geophysics

Patrick Reurink

Business Developer

M.Sc. Business Administration

Dr Kamal O. Omosanya

Senior Interpreter

M.Sc. Structural Geology with Geophysics
Ph.D. Earth Sciences

Prof Børge Arntsen

Seismic Processing Advisor and Inventor

M.Sc. Physics
Ph.D. Physics

Prof Ståle E. Johansen

Interpretation Advisor and Inventor

M.Sc. Geophysical interpretation
Ph.D. Geophysical interpretation

Prof Sigbjørn Sangesland

Drilling and Well Advisor and Inventor

M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D. Petroleum Engineering

Dr Tijmen Jan Moser

Technical advisor

Ph.D. Applied Geophysics

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